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E11NY - E11 Hand Held New York Notary Embosser
E11 Hand Held New York Notary Embosser - 1-1/2` Diameter

E13NY - E13 Desk Model New York Notary Embosser
E13 Desk Model New York Notary Embosser - 1-1/2` Diameter

N14NY - N14 New York Notary Stamp
Xstamper N14 Pre-Inked Stamp New York Notary Stamp. 5/8` x 2-7/16`. This is our top quality notary stamp. Select this item if you use your stamp frequently, and need a durable and long lasting product.

N42NY - N42 New York Pocket Notary Stamp
Xstamper Pre-Inked Large Pocket Stamp 5/8` x 2-7/16` New York Notary Stamp. The N42 is similar to the N14, but it is a pocket version that folds up on itself. This stamp is great for mobile notaries.

Notary Supplies - Notary Journal
Notary Journal, 140 pages with room for over 600 entries. High quality construction. Attractive blue linen cover. 11` X 8??`.

P12NY - P12 Self-Inking Stamp New York Notary
P12 Classix Self-Inking New York Notary Stamp. This stamp is for notaries who use their stamp less frequently, and would like to save money with a less expensive product. It is not as durable as our Xstamper Notary Stamp.

Notary Supplies - Semi Inkless Thumbprint Pad
There is no ink, setup or cleanup. Will work with almost any paper. the ink rubs off fingers and doesnt stain the skin. (required in CA)

Notary Supplies - True Inkless Thumbprint Pad
Includes 500 labels that are applied to a journal or back of a check prior to fingerprinting and a pad containing a clear, clean liquid that produces an instant dark fingerprint on the labels without leaving any residue on the fingers.